Astwood Bank In Bloom

An Introduction

A small group of residents got together after the highly successful Open Gardens event in 2015 and decided they would like to brighten up some of the local amenity land within Astwood Bank through volunteering their time. With the support of Redditch Borough Council and the Astwood Bank Community Group, funding was made available to acquire several large planters to place around the village. In addition to these the team have created and look after several flower beds, a large rockery and over 20 troughs placed under street signs. If you want to help the team out in any capacity just drop an email to and help maintain the environment we all enjoy as residents.

What is Astwood Bank in Bloom?

Astwood Bank Community Group were looking to develop a programme that impacted the whole of our community, and so the idea of Astwood Bank in Bloom was formed. Starting with a small group of keen gardeners, and supported by the team at Botany Bay Nurseries, the project has grown to include the involvement of well over twenty local businesses, and many local residents who do their bit by watering and generally maintaining the displays.

Every summer we have a different colour scheme so that all residents can get involved some way in planting up their baskets, troughs, beds in that year’s colours.

We’ve been financially supported by Astwood Bank Community Group, Redditch Borough Council, our Worcestershire County Councillors and grants from Asda and Waitrose. Additionally we organise our own events to help cover our ongoing costs. In 2018 we held a highly successful Bloom market as well as a Strawberries & Cream event. In 2019 we have our Open Gardens event.

Astwood Bank in Bloom at Carnival

ABIB will have a stall at Carnival this year! Come find us, lots on offer, per the article below!

Astwood Bank in Bloom Mass Bulb Planting

To ensure that there is an amazing display of spring bulbs throughout the village each year the Bloom team organise an annual bulb planting event in Autumn. All residents are invited to bring a spade and join in. We work with Redditch Borough Council to identify strips of land where to date well over 10,000 bulbs have been planted. 

The 2018 bulb planting team:

Astwood Bank in Bloom Sunflowers

Each year we have a very informal competition to see who can grow the tallest sunflowers from seed. Free packets can be collected from Botany Bay nurseries. All we ask is that you grow them where they can be seen and appreciated by your neighbours. 

How can You get involved? 

You can do as little as much as you like. If you see some Bloom plants that need a bit of weeding or watering as you walk by, just spend a couple of minutes looking after them.

You can join in by planting your own baskets, troughs and beds in the year’s chosen colours.

You can pick up a free packet of sunflower seeds from Botany Bay nursery, grow them and share the resulting blooms with your neighbours by putting them in your front garden.

You can volunteer to look after one of our displays during the summer, whether that is a larger bed or a wooden trough, every bit of help is highly valued.

And finally …

Botany Bay are a crucial part of the Astwood Bank in Bloom team so why not pop along there and ask them what they would suggest for your gardening needs. Look out for the leaflet coming through your door, if it hasn’t already hit your doormat.
Finally, if you want to find out how you can get involved with Astwood Bank in Bloom, simply email

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