About Us

Astwood Bank Community Group, better known as Astwood Bank Carnival are a team working for the benefit of all of the local community of Astwood Bank and its visitors through the organisation of community based activities that deliver direct benefits to those who participate in them, and indirectly to many others through the legacy that these activities bring.
Community spirit and social harmony are encouraged through wide participation, without distinction of age, sex or of political, religious or other opinions in particular but not exclusively by:
  1. Providing a platform for local groups, organisations and charities to pull together activities that benefit the wider community
  2. Develop, manage and lead groups on programmes in Astwood Bank for all of the community to enjoy
  3. Organise specific events, sometimes with the active participation of local businesses,across a broad reach to encourage social interaction across a broad cross section of our residents
  4. Through social integration of all groups within the community we are able to support the offering of both physical and mental exercise through both direct participation and through an improved environment
  5. Organising some events that generate funds that can then subsequently be awarded to local organisations to continue to support the local community, and fund community wide initiatives such as Bloom and Christmas lights
As well as keeping an eye on our website to see what is coming up why not follow us on twitter (@ABankCarnival) on or like us on facebook.