Carnival 2023

☀️☁️☀️EYES TO THE SKIES….. It’s Official☀️☁️☀️

Visitors can enjoy the thrills of a twin Spitfire Fly Over to join this years Carnival Procession

(Subject to weather conditions🤞)

We are hopeful that conditions will be good, and we’ll get to see this amazing spectacle.

More details for follow…

Attractions on the day


Introducing one of the main attractions for this years Carnival

@Stannage Stunt Team

Established by Mark Stannage in the year 2000 the Stannage Stunt Team brings

excitement to audiences of all ages.

Current team manager – Aaron Stannage started his professional career in 1998 at the tender age of 3. Now with over 24 years experience and specialising in car, motorbike, fire and high fall stunts, Aaron has performed some of the most spectacular stunts ever seen on film or TV.

Aaron and his team of stunt performers will perform their spectacular show which


• Highfalls

• High Falls on Fire

• Motorbike Stunts

• Quad Stunts

• Ramp Jumping

• Car Jumps

• Fire Stunts

• Explosions

• Wheelies

• Trick Riding

• Holders of three Guinness World Records

This world record breaking stunt team have performed their shows all over Europe and the Middle East, recently returning from the Muscat Festival in Oman and the GT festival in Bahrain.

Neil’s team of Twistmount Gundogs give demonstrations that are both informative and entertaining as they introduce you to the way of the Gundog.

Neil is an internationally recognised gundog trainer who writes for Shooting UK and

regularly travels the country giving demonstrations, training sessions, seminars,

competing and judging.

He has over 30 years of experience with gundogs.

Neil’s teams of highly trained spaniels and retrievers will be put through their paces

where Neil will show how to harness the natural drive, instinct and enthusiasm of a

puppy or a young working gundog and help them become an obedient and competent shooting companion.

In the Autumn of 2022 we put the Vote to you to decide our 2023 theme…..

……and the resuts came in……

We are Going to The Movies!