Community Support

Annually Astwood Bank Community Group (ABCG) aims to allocate  funds to their grant scheme to then give to local not for profit organisations that support the community. 

Previous recipients have included local Scout and Girlguiding Groups, local schools, parent and toddler groups, Redditch Night Stop, It’s a Sign.


In a normal year, not for profit organisations are able to apply to be considered for a grant. Requests need to detail the level of funding being asked for, how the funding is to be used, when, and what benefits will be received by the local community. Details are also requested on how the organisation has been involved in the previous 12 months with events organised by ABCG

The closing date for applications is September 30th each year

The grant process that is followed is:

  1. The Committee agrees in September each year what level of surplus funding can be made available for grants. Surplus funds are identified after allocations have been made to cover future costs for ABCG including any community wide programmes that the committee are responsible for delivering each year.
  2. The total level of funding available is typically impacted by the level of funds raised during the previous 12 months events organised by ABCG
  3. All applications received by the deadline are considered by the ABCG Committee for funding.
  4. Individually each Committee member is asked to indicate how they would allocate the full available grant funding pot across the applications. This individual evaluation is based only upon the details provided within the application.
  5. Following that individual feedback there is a Committee meeting where there is a discussion about each applicant and the spread of funding proposed by the individual committee members. The aim of the discussion is to find an ‘average’ figure that all committee members agree on. This is then the agreed grant to be allocated to that applicant. The details of that discussion are confidential to the committee.
  6. There is no commitment that the total available funds are allocated in full
  7. Successful applicants are invited to attend the annual Open Meeting, typically in November, where they will be awarded their grants
  8. All recipients of grants are required to work with ABCG in promoting their award and how they were used.
  9. There is no appeal process for grant allocations, and each organisation can only apply for one grant per annum.