Float Design

Working on having the best float…

Hints and Tips

The Theme

To begin with you need to get a clear idea of what you want to do, build you ideas around the theme. The best floats each year are the ones who think of something different and original, this is your chance to be creative and think outside of the box!


It is completely up to the float organisers how many people they have on their float but it is important to remember you must have at least one person (aged 18+) to walk alongside the float.

Choosing your float

Most people don’t own a 20 foot trailer; however the carnival committee have built strong relationships over the year with Allelys (a local transport company based in Studley) who gladly support organisations and groups who wish to enter a float into the procession

If you need to arrange use of a vehicle (of any size) for free please contact Carl Platten on carl.platten@allelys.co.uk or you can call him on 01527 852408

Decoration and Materials

This is where you can get creative. Look at what art materials you have around you or what you can make with things you may own.

Delve into the depths of your garage or attic; old sheets, cardboard, Christmas Decorations or clothes can all be used. If you have any emulsion paint then why not use that? You usually only need 1 coat, and it saves you spending lots of money on paint.

Just remember to think about safety, keep your structure strong, and attach your decorations using staple guns, cable ties or glue. Fine detail won’t be picked up, so make things big, bright and eye catching!

If you are struggling to find resources a great place to visit is the Worcestershire Resource Exchange Scrapstore (http://www.wre.uk.com) and if they don’t have what you need they will be able to keep an eye out for what ever it is you need!!!


Top tips to remember:
– Make sure all your decorations are properly secure to your structure.
– You shouldn’t have any nails/screws sticking out.
– Make sure everyone riding on the float is going to stay safe.
– Don’t use any naked flames or fire.

Have fun!

And the most important thing of all is to have FUN! Astwood Bank Carnival is a fantastic event for all the community. If you’ve never had a float before or would like to get involved see if your friends or a local club might be interested in getting involved.